My work strives to create a bridge between humanity and Nature’s aliveness; to evoke a felt sense that Nature is alive and has spirit. Nature’s aliveness is also a part of us. When we engage with Nature, we connect with a unique energy that is beyond our mental interpretation of the physical — we connect with our hearts. This heart connection stirs a knowing in our bones that reminds us that we are part of Nature — part of  The Web of Life. This knowing shifts our perspective from the idea that we are separate, to the understanding that Nature is part of us — NOT an other, an object, something to take from, or something to conquer. Ultimately, this understanding of partnership creates a more balanced relationship with Land-Nature-The Planet.

Creative works have the potential reaching beyond our intellect and into our hearts. Connecting to Nature gives us the gift of experiencing, be it ever so fleeting, that everything is alive and has spirit.

I use my skills as an artist to tell a story about our connection with Nature, through the metaphor of Landscapes; the internal landscape of Soul and external landscape of Nature.

Using layering as a metaphor for the many ways we connect or don’t connect with Nature. I explore this tenuous connection through a range of 2D works and site-specific installations.

        My work is a prayer, an honoring and an offering to the Web of Life and my intense desire to help reconnect humanity to Nature so that the Earth can be whole again, and all Beings can experience aliveness.