What you see is only a shadow

creative work by Damini Celebre

pine soot and cinnabar paste on rice paper  

52" x 52"


What You See is Only A Shadow

In the deep space of listening there is a realization that all we see, touch, and smell
 is only a shadow of the Divine Energy which shines through all things.

The white mark represents the shine of the Divine Essence in all of us, including the Beech Tree.
The green, black, gold marks are what we see; the physical – leaves, bark, branches.

“Remembrance” is less about the physical and more about the Divine Spirit infusing itself everywhere.
You may not see is but it’s always there, Remember that!

    In the spirit of Japanese Zen painting, know for it’s bold black strokes and negative space, I explore the dance of brush and ink. The preparation to paint is equally as important to me as the mark making itself. I work to create a meditative space while I grind the ink and allow myself to become a hollow vessel, which allows the energy of brush and ink to move me across the paper. BrushWorks are created in one movement one stoke one breath, no alterations or additions.