Woods to Water PrayerPod, 2018

Each of the 300 clay seed pods in this installation represents 1000 species that are going extinct this year.

Yes, that’s 300,000 species going extinct, each year.

The seedpod shape reinforces the idea of growth and change. Each clay seed pod contains, from the Germantown Academy community, a written intention that focuses on love and healing for all beings on this planet and for the Earth itself.

This PrayerPod installation will be left to become one with the earth again — as a reminder of how precious and how fragile life can be.

This installation is part of the Woods to Water: Temporal Sculpture on the Land — Environmentally Themed Art Installations at Germantown Academy, Fort Washington PA


 Watch this five-minute video of the install >>  https://vimeo.com/296135272

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