Solitice :: PrayerPods 2017

This vision for this project began in a dream. In this dream, I saw myself carefully placing clay seed-shaped pods on the ground, on a wide, open, hilly area. When I woke up, I drew  the pods, to clarify their shape. Then I sculpted the pods with locally sourced red clay. These pods are seed-like in shape but do not contain seeds. The seeds are the prayers that are placed in the pods. Prayer, to me, is a loving intention.

Using the connectivity of social media, I asked the wider online community to send loving intentions, or prayers, to be added to the pods. People from all around the world responded. They sent their prayers and asked me to ship PrayerPods to them so they can place them in their own communities. Sharing this project on social media has also inspired other communities to make their own PrayerPods.

Six months after my dream, Solstice :: PrayerPod was installed, on December 21, 2017.


In ceremony, I placed 108 unbisqued clay pods on public land, in the western suburbs of Philadelphia (as per my dream). As each pod was placed, I spoke the prayer out loud, and then put the prayer inside, knowing that the wind would spread these loving intentions far and wide. This PrayerPod installation is now dissolving with the help of the elements: Fire, Air, Water and Earth. As the pods and prayers dissolve, they will send the prayers deep into the Earth.

I will photograph this Prayer Pod daily, as they merged with Earth, and share these images on Social media.  Sharing the idea that Earth needs our love and prayers, to the wider community who can share in the common intention of holding healing prayers for the Planet in our minds and hearts.


View a 27-min video of the Prayer Pod ceremony> watch

View this one minuter vid of the first two months of change > watch

View this 1min video: PrayerPod ceremony: Winter Solstice thru Vernal Equinox > watch