SEED Portal, 2017

Seed Portal was created during an Artist in residency at Elephant Butte Lake, NM 2017

I found these mellons on my first day at the lake. These mellons were the last portal created.  Seeds are portals that hold the possiblity of change.  The offering of new possibilities.  I pray the the mellon is eatten and the seeds of change are scatterd to the four winds.

Portals are the threshold between what we already know to be true — part of
our life - and the unexpected. Portals are energy access points that help us
connect with the Energy of Land and Place. 

These site specific installations mirror the
movement of the energy of each location. These installations are ethereal, changing over time as they are influenced by humans, weather, and the shifting sands of the desert.

To watch a short video of Seed Portal> click here/????????????