PRAYER Portal, 2017

PRAYER Portal,  Damini Celebre, Elephant Butte Lake, NM. Feb 2017

This is the 8th of a series of site specific installations that I created while at an Artist in residency at Elephant Butte Lake, NM, 2017

Portals are the threshold between what we already know to be true — part of
 our life - and the unexpected. Portals are energy access points that help us
connect with the Energy of Land and Place. 

These site specific installations mirror the
movement of the energy of each location. These installations are ethereal, changing over time as they are influenced by humans, weather, and the shifting sands of the desert.

This Prayer Portal vessels where created from mud found at the river bed. Once dried each portal had a prayer and tobacco placed inside it, and left as an offering to the Land, Us and The Web of Life.

May All Beings be Happy.
May All learn to be one with each other.
May Mother Earth be restored to health.
May Water be clean and healthy.
May all the small and invisible be loved.
May the song of the night grace all hearts.
May we all be filled with compassion and love for every living being.

link to installations video> watch a 13 minute video about the Prayer Portal