Conversations with Land exhibition, 2024

This is an exhibiation of works spanning from 2013 to 2022 in a Solo exhibition titled Conversations with Land at Cerulean Arts Collective . January 17—February 11, 2024

I love to be outside: to lay under trees, be near water, or sit curbside with closed eyes and listen to the invisible energy of wind, insects, and bird songs—To listen to how Nature interacts with us.

I experience a world where everything IS alive and has spirit. This intimate, energetic connection to Nature is at the heart of my work. My passion is to translate that energetic expression into the language of color, shape, and form: the language of both Nature and our subconscious-body memory.

Each piece starts with a simple acknowledgment of the Place: Hello, thanks for allowing me to be here and to connect with you—how would you like your energy expressed?

The first layer of each piece is done while outside: this is where I begin a call-and-response dialogue with the Land.

I work in different mediums because each one helps bring forward a different energy expression of Land. Some pieces are completed on-site. Other conversations continue in the studio, where I go through different iterations of dialogue. And, just like memory—impressions surface, get covered over, and gems are excavated. The multiple layers represent the various ways we experience Land and the barriers to understanding that keep us from connecting to Nature.

I invite you to suspend trying to understand these pieces and to open your senses to let the energy in each painting resonate with a shared energetic connection between Land and Self.

Damini Celebre, January 2024


**Download this 2024 exhibition catalogue here>Conversations with Land

Clouds 1, 2 , 3 + 4, 2022
Star charts 2018
Dreaming with Stars, Elephant Butte, NM, 2019
What if, 2022
Milky Way : Cherry Spring Park, PA, 2018
Nebula 2020
Cloud #1, #2, #3, 2021
Winter Solstice:, Valley Forge National Park 2019
Grow: Raleigh  NC, 2014
Tiny Starscape drawings, 2017
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