Turnings I Chesterfield, New Jersey 2014-15

Turning / Chesterfield, New Jersey 2014-15

Turning / New Jersey, 2014-15
A year long conversation. I witnessed the subtle turning of the seasons on Honey Brook farm and the ever changing conversation between It and the Web of Life.

Turnings was created with the support of Preserved: Farmland Visions, an art program
celebrating thirty years of farmland preservation in Burlington County, New Jersey. I had the opportunity to spend time on a farm in Chesterfield over the course of a year -- as the seasons turned. exploring a dialogue with the farmland and the Web of Life as the seasons turned. The work consists of twelve 12 x 12 inch panels and sculptural pieces of found objects (offerings) at the site. The sculptural pieces, offerings that honor Land and Nature, were discovered at the site.
This work is influenced by my personal relationship with the Web of Life, Elements and Nature. Listening deeply allows me to reach a deeper place inside me, to feel and respond to the life force of Land. My direct emotional interaction with Land is what creates a mark. Relationships are built by an exchange of energy and respect. These pieces are honoring to Land, Nature, and Place; to our relationship between the two. Healing happens when we reconnect and balance our relationship to the Spirit That Lives In All Things.


7ft w x 30 in h x 1.5 in d
milk paint, ink, pastel, paper, pencil, acrylic, organic material on wood panel