Taos, New Mexico 2015


1- Mount Magical /  Taos, New Mexico 2015  6x6
2- Yellow/ Taos, New Mexico 2015   4x4

3-Old / Taos, New Mexico, 2015  4x4

Taos, NM - Autumn Equinox

It is always hard for me to come back to “civilization” after leaving Ghost Ranch.  Driving into Taos, NM with its three traffic lights and tons of people walking the streets can often send me into a tailspin. So I pull off onto a side street, and I say to the Spirit of Taos "I would like to meet you and express what you would like to share with humanity in a drawing"— or something like that. My heart beams love— Love for Land-Taos-Air-Mountain. 

Driving around the winding back roads- I follow my heart.  I found a field filled with yellows and purples where I can sit and face Taos Mountain.  As I walked around, I trip into holes, big holes, defiantly animal dens; small animals bones are sprinkled all over the field.  I try not to analyze the types of flowers, bones, animals, but let all that I experience come into my being.  It is late afternoon, and the sky is undulating with yellow, red, purple and blues.

When I finally get settled, I take a deep breath and thanks Land for allowing me to enter into a conversation.  There is a sense of timelessness that happens when my heart connects to Land. I listen-draw letting  Land communicate with me, using color and shape as our common langue.  Keeping my heart open, without judgment of why-were-meaning-composition and let Land transmit its energy—its vibration— through me, in the language of our unconscious—Color Shape and Form.

Large 175- Small 125