Ghost Ranch, NM 2015

Star Dance/ Ghost Ranch, NM 2015

Ghost Ranch, NM

I love Ghost Ranch, the Land, and I have a very deep connection, built on years of knowing each other. The Spirits of the Land greet me with such love and I to them.  This Land reminds me to acknowledge my still quiet places.  Being with Ghost Ranch allows me to access those parts of me that are power filled- grounded, and so ALIVE.

It was at Ghost Ranch where I heard the call again to "Paint from my Heart."  This call- this message from Spirit was life changing for me. And since that call,  I  have slowly been bringing my flavor of how to paint from the heart out into the world.

I come back to Ghost Ranch out of respect to the Land, who offered me the gift to come home— back to my heart. This past May (2015)  I taught my workshop Conversations with Land. In this workshop. Sharing with folks how to listen and draw from the heart, regardless of their creative experience.

One night during the workshop we co-created with Star. If you have ever been to a high-dry climate you know that the Stars are so clear and seem so close, you can almost touch them. 

Sitting in the darkness of a quarter moon, as the first stars started to appear, we connected with the energy of Star. Immediately, I felt my body humming and swaying.  I allowed the pencils in my hand to blindly record the energy that Star was transmitting to me onto paper.

For me, this drawing was also the first drawing for #artroadtrip